Fellowship Together is a fresh approach to something we already do very well as a church. It's a way for you to feel engaged, connected and attached to a family of believers that want to see you grow--whether in person or virtually! You can get stronger, spiritually, even when times are challenging. It's time to jump back in where you fit in! There are a variety of options below. Sign up today!



Sunday mornings are the perfect way to feel connected. And whether you plan to attend online or in the building, connecting once a week with your church family positions you well for spiritual growth!


We've said it before, and we'll say it again. At Fellowship, we aren't a church with small groupsbut a church of small groups. And moving into Fellowship Together, we have greatly increased the options available to you. So whether its meeting online or in person, there is a group of people that will walk with you and support you in your Christian journey.  

Image by Brooke Cagle


Classes are a prime opportunity to learn about a particular topic as well as get to know others in the church. Ranging from Christianity 101 to classes on how to increase your physical health, there are a variety of options, again, both online and in person.


Perhaps you've felt isolated, alone, or simply in need of one-to-one, personal connection. Maybe you want someone to drop you a phone call every now and again to chat and pray, send a thoughtful card, or just pick up practical items at the store. No matter if it's for you or a loved-one, we'd love you to sign up today!